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What if you discovered, that from day one, without any fault of your own, your mind has been coding itself to become the person you are today; full of fear, full of anxiety and full of stress – hiding the REAL YOU behind a mask of a ‘happy face,’ showing the world that you are fine!

What if you realized that the first seven years of your life has shaped EVERYTHING you do today and through this ‘hypnotic’ coding you had inherited a dangerous blueprint that is currently making 95% of your choices?

What if I was to show you, that your thinking has been hijacked by your subconscious mind, a super-powerful computer, which is now controlling your ‘reality’? And what if, by becoming aware of this, it will lead you to reclaiming your true authentic self, change your reality and live your life beyond your wildest dreams?

This is a must–read, fun and easy to follow book on how to wake up to the fact that we have been enslaved by our subconscious mind (a.k.a. The Matrix), how to make decisions on what you REALLY want out of life, and how to go about re-coding your own mind so things like fogginess and self-sabotage become a thing of the past

The book comes in with a downloadable journal for self-analysis and new blueprint planning.

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Anna Berger is the coach you always wanted – someone who has been there at the cutting edge of business and entrepreneurship as a strategic leader, someone who’s awakened to their own resilience and strength of character, someone who sees possibility in every scenario, and someone who cares deeply about helping you to become what you’re capable of becoming.

Anna can transform a company, and, more importantly, she will transform your life.

Anna has committed herself to finding the best thinkers in whatever discipline she’s passionate about and learning from masters, then becoming a master herself. She is a true Renaissance Woman!

When I met Anna she had just come back from a photo shoot. When Anna got interested in photography she didn’t mess around! She went to the top photographers in the world and learned directly from them, then created her own incredible artwork all around the globe for the joy of that creation.

From Oprah to Tony Robbins to Bruce Lipton, Anna connects to thinkers who change the world and make things happen, integrates their thinking with her own and synthesizes it into practical, actionable tools for those she works with.

Now is such a potent time for breaking through our mental programing to create a healthier, more sustainable, more joyful, just and peaceful world.

With much of the globe reeling from economic and health related crises, many of us are stepping back and assessing who we are, what we really care about, and who we wish to become. As poet Mary Oliver asks…‘What will you do with your one wild and precious life?’

Now is your time.

Anna has created a powerful system that enables us to do a deep dive into the masks we wear and the perspectives we’ve adopted over a lifetime, allowing us to wake up and break through to our own greatness and FREEDOM OF MIND to fill our lives with passion and purpose.

I invite you to take the journey that lies ahead in this book, and to really grab hold of the exercises and journaling available to you in this program. It will be just what you were looking for, and nothing like you expected.


Karlin Sloan
CEO, Sloan Group International
Author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Inspiring Leadership for Uncertain Times, Smarter, Faster, Better, and Lemonade: The Leaders Guide to Resilience at Work

The book will be published on the 1 of December 2020. Put your name down for a pre-purchase and receive a 20% off our first dispatch – hot off the press

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